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We passionately maintain 1.000+ pages with quality content about traveling to Japan spread across our portfolio.

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Our online travel guide Ervaar Japan continues to expand with new destinations and the best travel tips.

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At our Japan Forum future travelers and travel veterans meet to exchange ideas and information.

Ervaar Japan

Ervaar Japan is the most visited website in our network and has been delivering Japan-related content since 2014. As the content continues to grow, so does the number of visitors. Ervaar Japan is now one of the leading online travel guidebooks for Japan in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Japan Forum

As Ervaar Japan grew, so did the interaction with visitors. In 2016 a forum was added to the website to stimulate and streamline this. In 2020 the forum was updated to run on Flarum and consequently was split off to be hosted under a separate domain as Japan Forum.